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OCD? Not Me! Program

The OCD? Not Me! Program is a novel online treatment program for young people aged 12-18 with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD). It has been developed by researchers from Curtin University and is based on the gold standard face-to-face treatment for OCD. The program involves 8 stages, designed to be undertaken over 8 weeks, and provides young people with information, tips, activities, and support to help them to overcome the symptoms of OCD. The program also provides support for parents and caregivers, with weekly information and tips to help them manage their child’s OCD and support them through the program.

The OCD? Not Me! Program is currently under trial as part of a Curtin University research project. Eligible participants in the program are asked to complete a series of assessments before and after the program to help us evaluate its effectiveness.

The program can be accessed at www.ocdnotme.com.au, where you will find information about how to register and what our screening and assessment procedures involve. You can also watch a short demonstration video of the program here: http://vimeo.com/80586364