About the Founder

Janis Churchward’s passion for helping the carers of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) has led her to feature on national radio, work closely with St Andrew’s Hospital and liaise with world renowned professors.  She has tirelessly lobbied major political parties to raise awareness of OCD, a serious and quite often misunderstood disorder and has now taken her quest to another level, in supporting the carers of people with OCD by developing this one-stop-web site for resources and forming an OCD carer support group.

Janis’s motivation for setting up this one-stop centre and support group began whilst supporting her son Brett, who has suffered from OCD for the past 36 years. Janis fully understands the breadth of the emotional effect that results from caring for a loved one with OCD and the devastating toll it has on family, friends and ultimately care givers. It was from her personal journey and experiences that she realised there was an absolute need especially for carers to have a resource that would assist them in navigating through the confusing world of the mental health system. She also believed there was a need in the community to interact with other carers going through similar experiences needing support and understanding. This is highlighted in the country areas where there is a lack of social networking resources for carers of OCD.

Making things more difficult is the recognition that the current form of treatment is considered inadequate and ineffective for a percentage of OCD sufferers. This has also driven a desire to explore viable alternative treatments through research.

Janis’s goals:

  • To set up area OCD carer meeting groups, commencing with an OCD carers group on the Sunshine Coast – The survey link found on this site is especially designed to provide data to support this
  • A specialised OCD program providing intensive behavioural treatments and ongoing support introduced into at least one Queensland hospital (this has been recommended by many mental health specialists but to date has not been acted upon). Please support this very passionate goal of Janis’s by completing the survey

Janis also believes the greater knowledge we have the better we will be equipped in supporting our loved ones; she hopes this website will provide this support as well as provide a sense of hope and a better quality of life for all sufferers and carers.